The Ultimate Fashion Week Calendar

You must mark these days in your calendar or phone, because if you are a fashion lover you must be attentive to everything that is happening these days throughout the world of fashion 2024!


Mia Dávila Romero

1/29/20243 min read

January 29 – February 2, 2024: Copenhagen Fashion Week fall/winter 2024

The full series of fashion show will be available to watch live on the CPHFW YouTube channel - streamed directly on the home page. 

February 5 – 8, 2024: Berlin Fashion Week fall/winter 2024

Berlin Fashion Week, established in 2007, serves as a biannual showcase of the city's dynamic fashion landscape, emphasizing themes like sustainability, inclusion, innovation, and talent promotion.You can read more about the official scheduled on the official page

February 9 – 14, 2024: New York Fashion Week fall/winter 2024

The CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) This event take place from 9 to 14 February, the fashion week will offer both physical and digital presentations, with many designers and brands displaying their latest collections. You can access for more information in the link below:- 

February 15 – 18, 2024: Madrid Fashion Week fall/winter 2024

Madrid Fashion Week celebrates its 79th edition. From February 15 to 18, Fashion Week will once again make Madrid the capital of international design. Both at the IFEMA site and in different parts of the city, you can enjoy the parades and presentations by the different participating designers who will show the public the creations. 

February 16 – 19, 2024: London Fashion Week fall/winter 2024

London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2024 is set on the British fashion capital from 16 to 20 February, celebrating its 40th anniversary.The upcoming Fall/Winter season they will offer an exciting blend of digital and physical presentations with a line-up of runway

February 20 – 26, 2024: Milan Fashion Week fall/winter 2024

In February, Milano will spotlight the Autumn/Winter 2024 collections for women, featuring leading designers such as Armani, Fendi, and Dolce & Gabbana.You can watch all on the live streaming on: 


 February 26 – March 5, 2024: Paris Fashion Week fall/winter 2024

Paris Fashion Week occurs twice a year, February/March for the Fall/Winter collections and September/October for the following year's Spring/Summer collection. This season is one of the most waiting for the fashion lovers so if you want to know how you can watch this amazing fashion show just check the link below. 

April 3 – 5, 2024: New York Bridal Week

One of the most important events for brides and all lovers of dresses, especially for brides. Here you can see the latest trends in terms of attire and accessories to have a dream and fashion wedding at the same time. Schedule here: 

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